Binary Options Signals


In order to trade successfully many binary options traders rely on trading signals to alert them to the profitable opportunities that are available or soon to be available in the world’s financial markets. We rely on these signals as it is virtually impossible to monitor every aspect of the global financial markets 24 hours per day. Consequently, these signals play a vital role in helping traders monitor the markets that they are interested in trading on.

What are Binary Options Signals?

Binary Options signals are essentially recommendations or suggestions that are formulated in order to alert you to opportunities or possibilities relating to events in the financial markets by which you can derive a profit.

According to theory, if the signals are produced by competent experts, there is the greatest probability that your binary option contracts will be successful. In the jargon of binary options that means your contracts will expire ‘’in-the-money’’. Stern Options’ signals service is produced by a team of market analysts who have over three hundred years of experience between them. So you can be sure they know what they are thinking about! Therefore it is crucial that you focus on what the signals are telling you in order for them to benefit you. Naturally, logic dictates that a signal is of no value to you if it is not acted upon, and because market conditions can and do change very rapidly, therefore, if you decide to act on the signals’ recommendations, you must place your binary options contract at the right time. But this is where the Stern Options trading platform comes in. With Stern’s technologically advanced platform it is possible for you make to make your investment in binary option contracts over a wide spectrum of time-frames, from 60 seconds to 10 months.

Compared to Forex trading, binary options signals are relatively easy to apply to your investing strategy. This is simply due to the nature of the binary option market. A binary option is a simple ‘’Up/Down’’ choice, and so you only have to follow the experts’ signals to maximize your chances of making profits.

Stern Options trading signals are accurate and relevant.

The most important part of the binary options trading process is to find a quality online trading partner who guarantees the quality of their online trading platform. You will make life very difficult for yourself if you sign up with a broker who is not able to offer a state of the art online trading platform that cannot deliver you accurate and relevant signals. It goes without saying that the online trading platforms whose algorithms are kept up to date are able to produce more accurate and reliable signals. Stern Options value proposition to you is a package which offers all of the above. They pride themselves on their world-class online trading platform with state of the art algorithms that are continuously being updated in order to reflect the financial markets in real-time. This means Stern’s experts deliver you recommendations with real practical value.

What information does Stern Options signals include?

Stern’s binary options platform is configured with the Reuters real-time direct feed. Sophisticated algorithms consider complicated real-world phenomena, using trend analysis qualified with fundamental regard to forecasting the direction and future movements of asset prices (i.e., stocks; commodities, currencies and indices) according to a perspective that takes realistic account of the economic calendar. The information you will receive will include:

1) Asset names – For example: Gold, Oil, IBM, Apple, USD/EUR, Dow Jones, NASDAQ etc.
2) Asset’s Entry Price – the market price level at which you are recommended to invest.
3) Action – recommendations to make a Call or Put options.
4) Time-frame – recommendations about the optimal contract duration you should consider.

Stern Options training makes an expert of everyone.

Stern Options will provide you with a free-to-use comprehensive online education centre which contains instructive training videos and e-books, showing you how to interpret and use their investing signals. This educational material is user-friendly and there are no entry qualifications necessary before you start. The material is tailored to meet your expectations no matter what your level of experience might be already. It cannot be over emphasized that Stern Options’ main aim is to provide enough information and customer support in order for you to succeed.