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Binary options trading is a sure way to generate an independent income, but to become successful at this you must keep yourself informed about news and developments affecting the stocks, currencies and commodities financial markets. Choosing which assets to invest in, at what time, and in which direction prices will move requires more than just guesswork. It requires careful consideration, using data and information from many different sources. Stern Options produces a daily blog to help you stay in contact with the news that is most beneficial to binary options investors. Every day, the blog treats a new topic to an in-depth report. Stern’s blog also includes a daily video broadcast that summarizes that day’s top stories.

Binary Options Blog News categories

The blog is an excellent starting place for your daily diet of data and information, giving you free advice on the news that is shaping price movements in all market categories:

Stocks News

Generally speaking, Stock trading is related to the performance of individual companies. News that will affect them and their industrial sector, such as new laws, regulation, mergers and acquisitions, is news that will affect the market price for company share stock. News of this kind is known as the ‘’Fundamentals’’, and traders rely on this for a broad knowledge of a company’s current fortunes.

Currency News

Currency prices reflect a rational measure of the performance of one economy against another. Stern’s blog and video broadcast gives daily updates on currency trends. As well as this, when news items are certain to impact currency markets somehow, then the blog and Stern’s news broadcast will cover it.

Commodities News

News relating to commodities is always big news because things like oil and gold are global natural resources and so have a political impact on peace and wealth in general. The daily commodities section of the blog keeps you informed of facts relating to commodities which are likely to affect their market price. Giving you the heads-up with useful data and information to help you consider your binary options planning.

Indices News

There are around twenty Indices available to binary options speculators on Stern’s trading platform today including, the DAX (Germany); the FTSE 100 (UK); THE Nikkei 225 (Japan); the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 (USA). Indices are lists of companies grouped together in order to calculate an average assessment of their performance. Technical investors will frequently look at the Indices blog section to select assets to chart. Since history demonstrates that the value of Indices absolutely rises through time, they are very popular assets to invest on with binary options. Stern’s blog and video broadcast keeps you informed every day about the historical and actual data and information relating to Indices.

Advantages of the Stern Binary Options Blog

The variety and scope of news sources is immense, to name Bloomberg; CNN Money; The Wall Street Journal; and the London Financial Times, is to mention just a handful. These are great news sources if you’re interested in expertly informed pictures Stern’s blog should be one of your desktop icons. It will be a sure sign of a safe and sure route to successful binary options investing. Stern’s blog gives you a more detailed picture and it is produced by experts who are thinking specifically about you and your concern to make accurate predictions about asset price movements.

Stern’s blog is written by a team of financial analysts and market experts who enjoy the combined experience of over three hundred years between them. These are experts who know how to keep track of the major news stories and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of events and their impact. Therefore, each post on the blog includes a sensible summary of how the news events could affect the assets you are thinking about for your daily binary options investment strategy.