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It goes without saying that in business, customer support is an absolutely crucial aspect of a prosperous and successful enterprise. This is as true for the financial services industry as it is for catering or health care. Every kind of industry has to maintain its particular attention to customer support according to the nature of the enterprise involved. In the case of financial services, you often need to speak with a customer support representative immediately. This is absolutely the case with binary options.

Binary option contracts are made on the strengths of decisive information. In particular, information concerned with the direction of movement in the trends for asset prices, as well as information concerned with the schedule of particular events which might affect those asset prices at any given date. For instance, if a government department is scheduled to make an announcement about a key economic indicator, you might want to get some professionally informed opinion from market analysts who could advise you about what assets might be affected by the news. Being able to contact a financial analyst at any time for advice on the best strategy for your investments when you are not sure which way events are shaping asset values is not only important to your success, it will be fundamental to your expectations about the professionalism of your binary options broker.

The customer support apparatus you can enjoy from Stern Options is an industry leader.

24/7 Service

A lot of people who invest in binary options are doing so on a part-time basis, often working in a full-time job already anyway, they need a flexible support service from their broker. Stern Options are well aware of the fact that its clients have different lifestyles and that for them Binary Options represents a route to greater prosperity better things. Therefore, Stern’s customer support focus is organized to respond to its clients in the broadest possible way. Stern’s team are multilingual and available 24/7 by phone, email and by online Chat.


All official email communications Stern sends out to its clients are clearly labelled with contact phone numbers as well as email addresses.


As a Stern Options client, you are allocated a personal trading account manager who is also an experience financial market analyst. She or he will give you her/his email contact details which you can use at any time. You can also contact the customer support and account compliance teams separately. By having their client support base arranged like this, it means Stern are able to offer you a competent, more efficient and therefore bespoke service.

Live Chat

If you feel email doesn’t suit your needs for any given concern, you can use Stern’s interactive Live Chat service. Access to this service can be found very easily, on the Stern Options website. The ‘Live Chat’ access portal has the appearance of a white text box and is located on the bottom right of the website’s home page. All you have to do is type in your question, and immediately a customer support representative will answer. You can then continue to exchange question and answer in this way until your concerns are settled. You can also, therefore, use the live chat service to request someone from Stern to contact you by phone.


Losing your trading account login details can happen, and if it does it can be a very nerve wracking moment, especially if there is a lot of money involved on the trading platform, or in a withdrawal request. In the event that you forget your account login password, you can just click the ‘’forgot password’’ button. This can be found on Stern’s login page. You will immediately be sent an email containing a replacement password.


Always the best thing about making profits from binary options is making the withdrawals. Stern clients can login to their trading account and use a fully automated withdrawals service. Just click on the ‘’withdrawals’’ tab, type in the required amount, and then click enter. It is actually that simple. Withdrawal requests typically take up to 7 business working days to process.

Final comments

Stern Options maintain a highly skilled and experienced client support staff who are contactable 24/7 in a variety of convenient ways. The team is multilingual, and ready to help. If your reason for contacting them is more than routine, the team are ready to put you in contact with whatever expert help you need.