Stern Options Customer Support Review

Customer Support Review

We’ll be providing a customer support review of Stern Options customer support team. As part of Stern Options’ offering, they have an excellent support structure to help both their new clients as well as their existing traders. Because their clients are from all four corners of the global village, there support staff are available to assist traders 24/7. Stern Options has implemented a program of continuing education. In other words, their staff are continually updating their knowledge and individual skill sets; thus, ensuring that they are in a position to be able to answer any question their clients might have. If they cannot answer a question, they pledge to research the answer to the question and revert back to the client as soon as possible.

In a nutshell, Stern Options support structure can be divided up into four elements:

General Customer Support Review

There is a fair bit of administrative work to be done before a new client is able to trade on the Stern Options live platform. It’s unfortunately not just a case of opening a trading account, depositing the initial amount, and then start making trades.

Stern Options is a registered, responsible financial entity and is committed to adhering to the international Anti-Money-Laundering directives. Consequently, they have to enforce the international verification procedures. In order to comply with this directive, all l customers need to upload the required authentication documentation to prove that they are a bona fide company/individual.

In order to facilitate this process, Stern Options has skilled support staff on hand to help clients with the process of scanning and uploading a copy of the required documentation.

Technical Customer Support Review

Stern Options’ is proud of the fact that they are an industry leader in the field of Binary Options trading. Their mission statement is to distill Binary Options trading down to its simplest form; thereby, making it easy for their customers to trade successfully.

In order for Stern Options to fulfill their mission statement, they have a team of dedicated technical experts who keep their online trading platform running smoothly. Their aim is to have zero down time.

Financial Analysts Customer Support Review

It’s important to remember here that, when making traders, traders are not buying the underlying asset, they are predicting whether the value of the said asset will move up or down within a specified time-frame. Therefore, making successful trades requires a fair bit of pre-trading research on the trends and price movements of the underlying asset. It goes without saying that the more research a trader does, the greater chance there is of predicting the price movement successfully.

In order to facilitate the pre-trade research process, Stern Options has a team of highly trained, skilled, and knowledgeable financial analysts on hand to help traders with any questions they might have. They will help you choose between the different trading options that will suit your lifestyle and the amount of risk you are prepared to take.

Education Portal

Stern Options places great emphasis on providing a holistic Binary Options trading solution to their clients. This includes a trading academy or education portal. This portal consists of information to help you learn how to trade in Binary Options as a beginner right up to advanced topics to help the advanced trader. The education portal consists of the following categories:

Beginners Guide

The beginners guide is a step-by-step guide which shows new traders how to trade in Binary Options.

Asset Index

The asset index is a list of the underlying assets that Stern Options has available for traders utilize when trading. It includes indices, currencies, commodities and stocks.

Trading Tools

Stern Options trading tools form part of their online trading platform. They help their customers trade successfully by offering them additional benefits such as doubling up on their investment if they are “in the money”, or extending the trading time if they find themselves “out of the money”.


The glossary is also known as the Financial Market Dictionary. In a nutshell, it is a list of all the important trading terms with corresponding explanations.

Customer Testimonials

Like any brand in binary options trading, Stern Options place a high regard on their customers success and feedback about their brand. On our Testimonials page, you can read a few of the stories that their traders have sent us.

Final Words on the customer support review

The staff in the Stern Options support division take their role seriously. They are always available to answer any of their traders’ questions. In essence, they live the company’s motto “Your success is our Success”.

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