Trading Call Put Currency Options

Despite its highly speculative nature generally, currency trading is still a very popular form of binary options trading. An obvious reason for this popularity is that the binary options concept is very simple to put into practice. Which is why many beginners start their binary options investing with currencies. But there is another more powerful reason why currency trading via binary options is so popular, and this is because normal Forex trading is a highly leveraged business. If you are trading Forex directly, you must take advantage of financial leveraging. Leverage is the amount of purchasing power your Forex broker adds to your individual trade. Whereas this means there is a potential for you to take a bigger share of the profits, it also means that if your particular trade fails your losses will be proportionally greater.

How does Stern Options currency trading work?

The principle behind currency trading is very simple. First you must choose a currency pair. Currently there are thirty currency pairs appearing on the Stern Options trading platform. In the snap-shot shown below from the Stern Options platform, you can see two different kinds of currency pairs. The first thing to notice about this is the high level of profit to be made. The payouts here are never less than 70% and, as you can see, often as high as 85%.

currency duo

The next thing to notice is the red and green ‘’Trader’s Choice’’ indicator below each chart. The trader’s choice indicator is a fantastic tool you can use to check your own perception of what you believe about the direction the currency prices are moving in. In the case of the EUR/USD above, 61% of binary options investors have already decided to make ‘Call’ contracts, therefore they believe the Euro will rise in value against the US Dollar. In the case of the GBP/USD however, 77% of the investors already decided to make ‘Put’ contracts, which means they believe the British Pound will fall against the US Dollar.

Looking at these situations, you could decide to go with the general consensus in each case and make your contracts according to the confidence shown by the trader’s choice. Or, you might decide to wait until after the 11 o’clock expiry for this particular session, to see just how accurate the trader’s choice indicator was as a guide!

Stern Options Currency Trading Guidance.

You will notice on the charts that you can change the perspective from between 30 minutes and 12 hours just by clicking on the icons. To the right of these, you can change perspective from simple line graphs to candlestick charts. As well as this, you will notice in the bottom left corner of each chart there is another icon. This is the strategy advisor icon. By clicking on this icon you can access three more kinds of indicator (see below).

platform snip3

The Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) shows you whether the price is likely to reverse direction. The Moving Average indicator helps you predict future prices based on past prices. The Bollinger Bands indicator analyzes volatility and price divergence, and it helps you decide what the price will do within set time frames.

Stern Options Expert Currency Trading Support.

All of the above mentioned indicators and tools will equip you with everything technology can provide to help you to make the best binary option decisions. If however, you are not feeling confident with the perspective presented to you by these indicators and analytical tools and you are not sure what is making things happen in the currency markets at any given time, you can always talk to Stern’s team of market analysts. Stern’s team share over three hundred years of experience between them in this industry. Whatever your question, Stern will have the answer to help you.

Final comments.

The Stern Options trading platform equips you with a large array of technical solutions to help you make the best informed decisions when you planning whether to make Call or Put contracts. Binary options currency trading can earn you a high level of profits without the risks associated with normal Forex trading.