Trading Platform

Trading Platform

Stern’s reputation primarily comes down to two things, its world-class trading platform, and its world-class client support. The trading platform Stern Options maintains for its clients comprises cutting edge technology that provides opportunities to make profits through a menu of different contract types designed to suit any trader regardless of experience and capital.

Stern’s trading platform is the product of continuous technical and functional development since 2008 when the binary options industry began to be regulated. The trading platform itself operates in cooperation with Reuters, who channel market data and price trends to the platform. This ensures your trading experience is accurate and synchronized with real-time moment-by-moment events across the world’s financial markets.

Stern trading platform gives you access to trade on over two-hundred financial assets (including Commodities, Currencies, Stocks and Market Indices) across twenty international markets.

The trading platform is entirely web-based, which means there is no need to download and install anything on your personal computer or device. All you need is a reliable internet connection, and once you have set-up an account with Stern you will be ready to trade in no time at all. The platform’s has visual characteristics have been designed to make all user age-groups feel at ease using it. It is not festooned with superfluous bells and whistles like a fairground attraction. Its color scheme is sensible with subtly contrasting shades that are gentle on the eyes and its command menus are laid out in a clear form that gives you a sharply focused and clearly labelled platform to work with. All tradable assets are accompanied by live charts and graphs which exactly reflect the trending price situations for assets moment-by-moment across many financial markets. This is a trading platform with its finger on the technological button. Its level of sophistication gives you all the peace of mind that you expect from using a top quality web platform.

Different Ways to Trade

Trading on binary options is a very simple in practice. There are four basic steps to placing a binary options contract: (1) Choose an asset to trade on; (2) Choose the amount of capital you wish to invest; (3) Choose a contract expiry time; (4) Choose either the ‘’call’’ or ‘’put’’ for each contract.

There are various types of Binary Option contracts you can use, some simpler than others. Each trader will have their own preferences as to how they specifically wish to trade, or some may like to trade using a variety of different methods. The standard approach utilizes the simple binary options ‘’call’’ and ‘’put’’, in other words the ‘’up’’ or ‘’down’’ approach. You just have to decide if the price of the asset you are interested in is going to rise or fall, and within a predictable timeframe.

Another type of binary options trading is called Range Options. As the name denotes, range options are concerned with price ranges. In distinction to predicting a specific direction for asset prices, with this type you must predict whether or not you believe the asset price will eventually manifest between an preconceived range. Range option contracts are also known as ‘in and out’ options, and does involve a higher degree of risk. But the attraction to use them is relatively popular because they hold the potential for much higher percentages of profit on the sum invested on any contract.

Stern Options’ Client Support

If you prefer, you can contact Stern’s client support division which includes their multi-lingual customer support team. This team can be contacted by phone, email and online chat. You can also contact their team of account managers who are financial and market analysts with over three-hundred years of professional experience between them. My policy has always been to check my understanding with a second opinion. It can make the difference and Stern’s team have always furnished me with reliable advice.

Final Thoughts on the Trading Platform

Stern Options trading platform is world renowned, increasing in popularity as a leader in this industry, particularly in Europe, for many reasons. It gives traders flexible control over the speculative environment of world financial markets which changes from minute to minute sometimes. Success for the trader, consists in part on the availability of opportunities to use different investment tactics that can apply to all the changes in market conditions. Stern trading platform gives the trader opportunities from a menu of different contract timeframes, so that contracts can be made for fractions of minutes up to scenarios of many months. With fast deposits and withdrawals into the platform, you won’t be disappointed. What’s definitely going to make your trading experience with Stern’s platform work for you is the fully comprehensive free training they provide with it. Stern gives you free-to-use 24/7 online training resources which have been configured to make you feel comfortable and ready to use the trading platform.